IDROSOLEIL is a photovoltaic inverter designed to be used together with motor-driven pumps. IDROSOLEIL, suitable for outdoor installations, is designed to withstand hard environmental conditions, dust and sudden changes in temperature. IDROSOLEIL, the result of over a decade of SIEL’s experience in the photovoltaic industry, is equipped with the MPPT maximum power point tracking system, like the best inverters in the SOLEIL series, aimed at maximising the power generated by the photovoltaic system. IDROSOLEIL converts DC voltage from the photovoltaic field into AC voltage to start and adjust motor-driven pump operations according to the type of application and the settings programmed by the user.


Thanks to SIEL’s thirty years of experience in converting power, IDROSOLEIL makes it possible to create systems offering high reliability and running accuracy. IDROSOLEIL manages the pump “in ramp” using a control algorithm to gradually change the speed which extends the life of the pump by reducing mechanical stress. IDROSOLEIL is equipped with a low level alarm to prevent the pump from running dry in order to decelerate the pump speed until it comes to a standstill. IDROSOLEIL can be set up to limit the number of pump starts per hour according to the specifications of the pump manufacturer and the maximum daily pumping volume.


IDROSOLEIL can be equipped with a range of sensors and therefore used in different types of systems

  • Constant flow operation mode (reservoir application) The flow sensor on the pump discharge manifold serves to adjust the flow rate in m3/h or in l/h; combined with the maximum level sensor in the reservoir, the inverter will decrease the number of revolutions of the
    pump until it stops when the tank is full
  • Constant pressure operation mode (irrigation) The pressure sensor on the pump discharge manifold serves to adjust the pressure so that it remains at the level set by the user; the most classic application of this operating mode is for irrigation.
  • Constant level operation mode. By reading the level of fluid in the suction reservoir the inverter regulates the pump operation in order to maintain a constant level; a typical application is for disposing of water in a well where the filling speed and therefore its potential level are variable. The speed of the pump is regulated so as to prevent repeated on-off cycles.