Monitoring System

SIEL offers monitoring systems that guarantee continuous remote supervision to its customers and to the SIEL Service department.

The new “Cloud based” TGS allows to monitor the status of any PV installation. In addition SIEL can also provide more complex solutions: from SCADA based systems to Plant Controllers which communicate through numerous protocols to the local power distributor.


  • Protected access and map showing customer’s PV plants
  • Upload all information on Cloud
  • HTML5 and JSON based
  • Check on-line all scheduled maintenance plans
  • Data stored for 10 years
  • Data is collected from Inverters and String boxes, stored in a datalogger and transmitted through modem to a remote server
  • Download performance information and alarms on Excell format
  • Climatic parameters
  • Constant update and graphs on status and performance of the plant
  • Automatic alarms sent through email and SMS in case of equipment fault