String Inverter

High efficiency, reliability, ease of installation and use are the qualities that have positioned the new range of inverter SIEL among the most innovative products in the industry photovoltaics. The absence of transformers and other magnetic components can offer the highest efficiency levels in their category (up to 98%). String inverters are distinguished even for the reduced size and weight, thanks to the absence of the transformer. For real-time, easy control of the inverter efficiency, main information concerning power, energy output, photovoltaic modules tension, grid tension and frequency are available directly on the LCD display located on the panel front.

Interface options

Standard RS232 and USB port along with optional RS485 make the inverter’s display information available via Pc, interfaced with SIEL data loggers for remote viewing, with the supervision system TGS2 integrated with the server (via LAN, ADSL or GPRS) allows access to the database to verify the  functionality and send e-mail or sms assistance.Three MPPT devices allow the use of the product even in risk of shaded areas and the maximum exploitation of the power of the photovoltaic generator. The innovative techniques and the high quality components, which have been properly dimensioned, guarantee the achievement of an outstanding reliability level (MTBF> 100.000 hrs) along with high working flexibility. The Soleil 1F-TL and Soleil 3F-TL range of inverters is designed to meet the most stringent national and international standards.