Turnkey Solar Plants

In the past few years, the commercial use of energy has grown tremendously all around the world, as businesses see that installation costs decreases exponentially year by year, while their electricity bills keep getting more and more expensive. For these reasons, solar energy is the main sustainable source of energy capable of off-set and keeping under control of your energy cost.

SIEL Middle East is among the leading companies in the solar industry. We construct Turnkey solar plants. We provide complete EPC Services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning). Extensive onsite inspection and an assessment of site conditions and customer requirements from the base. Our specialized contractor can calculate the amount of energy your solar panels can generate and can help you determine how this matches with your energy needs, with the final goal to make you save a sizable amount of money on your energy costs.

Each solar power plant is different and our ultimate objective is to design and build highly efficient long life power plants to deliver maximum energy output. You can power your company by generating your own electricity using solar panels mounted on your roof or in any free space by your premises. Whether your roof is flat or inclined, we have achievable solar solutions available tailored to your needs.

Our solar power plants deliver returns that exceed forecasts allowing highest efficiency of your solar investment.