EPC services


We design solar plants with optimum PV output committed to achieve the most affordable levelized cost of electricity in any region of the globe. By applying our expertise to carefully configure PV plant parameters, we make sure that our solar PV plants will deliver maximum financial results. We ensure results through our access to highly efficient and quality in-house products. Each system is professionally engineered to comply with local codes for electrical and structural requirements.


Our experienced staff uses proven techniques to procure and supply equipment and services from top class providers at the best possible cost meeting the customer’s requirements with regards to performance, quality and lead-time.


SIEL Middle East provides full cooperation to achieve project success. Our expert constructors have hands-on experience in working together with owner to ensure that their solar PV plant is constructed safely within the agree timeframe, cost and quality targets, and combining commercial and strategic understanding with a close eye on detail.


SIEL Middle East has the professional team and technical equipment required to perform and verify that solar PV systems are safe and high performing. We ensure the condition and durability of system’s performance and make sure there is no down time on the power generation from your solar PV plant.